22 crews competed in the championships set in the North Sea off Brancaster Staithe over the long weekend from 16th to 18th June. British boats were challenged by 2 leading Dutch crews, including Dutch Champions and previous European winners.

The weather was fair with winds from the South and South West , increasing from 2/3 on day 1 to a stiff 4 on the final day. Spring tides also provided an opportunity to display good judgement for lay lines and entertainment for watchers. The sea provided some exciting downwind experiences with 3 – 4 feet short ‘chop’.

Day 1 was dominated by defending champion GBR 125 Windspiel helmed by Will Gibbs crewed by his father Chris. They won both races comfortably. In race 1 Ned 14 Daan Versteeg was second and Chris’s brother Tim Gibbs GBR 12 (Rockabye) third crewed by newcomer Charlie Orton. A notable 5thplace was from improving Burnham Overy team of Alex Smith and Paul Beachell in Capella GBR 128.

In race 2 Paddy and Ros Spink (GBR 9) were second with Ned 135 (Dennis van Vliet) third. Ghost GBR 133 (Ben and Paul Goakes ) had a creditable 5thplace.

Day 2 saw winds increasing which was to the liking of our Dutch visitors.  In race 3 Ned 135 took the lead only to capsize allowing Ned 14 to take the win. Second was Tim Gibbs (GBR12) with Will Gibbs(GBR125) in third. Richard Mulderiij (NED226) , a Dutchman now domiciled in UK crewed by local headteacher Alistair Ogle began to show pace taking 4thplace. Brancaster Commodore Brian Lambert crewed by Sam Neal was a creditable 5thin Rackker (GBR136).

In race 4 the Dutch dominated with NED 14, NED 135 and NED 226 in that order. Will Gibbs was 4thwith his uncle Tim in 5th. Henry Burkitt and James Nye had a good 6thin newly refurbished Luffa (GBR123).

Day 3 saw the wind increase once more and the sea become a bit more tricky resulting in some midfleet capsizes.

Once again the Dutch took 1,2,3 in race 5 in the same order. Will Gibbs was 4th with Wells commodore Sally Wynne and her husband Rob taking an excellent 5thin Adventurer GBR69.

Race 6 was won by Ned135 with Ned 14 second, Will Gibbs third and Ned 226 4th.

It was unfortunate that Rockabye (Tim Gibbs)was unable to compete on the final day having laid with the leaders after 4 races.


1          7 pts             Jan Van Galen     NED 14      Daan Versteeg Ton V Berkel

2          12 pts          Windspiel             GBR 125     Will / Chris Gibbs

3          12 pts          Krek Wan Wou    NED 135    Dennis V Vliet / Ben Kloos

4          27 pts          Fuut                       NED 226   Richard Mulderij / A Ogle

5          37 pts          Poelsnip                GBR 135    Martin Read / Imogen Gibbs

6          38 pts         Rakker                   GBR 136    Brian Lambert / Sam Neal

British placings

1 Will Gibbs (2018  champion) Windspiel  

2 Richard Mulderij (runner up winning the Oliver Atkins Plate)  Fuut  

3 Martin Read   Poelsnip


(Report by Martin Read)

British Championship Report – June 2018